Joseph and Kris - Art as Vision - A Tool for Transformation and Healing
Joseph and Kris were commissioned to create 7 hand painted silk images 36" x 36" for El Paso Children's Hospital Neo-Natal Intensive care unit.  Joseph and Kris hope these images honor the children spending time in the hospital, their ever present loving families, the caregivers, and hospital medical team. Great care was taken to create works of art with the intention of bringing a sense of hope, peace, inspiration, and healing, even if only for a moment.   

"Morning Blessing"

"Moment of Joy"

"Strength and Wisdom"

"Promise of a New Day"

"For The Children"

"Imagine the Possibilities"

"Cow Jumps Over the Moon"

In addition to the hand painted silk images, Kris was commissioned to create
5 Gourd Montages for the Outpatient and Reception Area.

"Heart Centered"
     "Focused Intention"

     "Balance"                                                                                                                       "You Are Not Alone"

"Holding Sacred Space"

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