Joseph and Kris - Art as Vision - A Tool for Transformation and Healing
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The following images are painted on silk by Joseph and Kris
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>> Hope Series - The Animals
>> Wisdom Series - Earth, Sun, Moon
>> Inspiration SeriesExploring Possibilities
>>Healing Series - Healing is a journey into wholeness

>> Entire Gallery of Images  - Hope, Wisdom, Inspiration, and Healing Series
We have been told that our artwork have a unique quality: the power to bring a person to the current moment, rekindle sense of awe and wonder, and open the heart to life’s unlimited possibilities. We hope this is true for you. Please double click on the image or the word to see each series, thank you.
"Hope"- The Animals
The Animals give us hope and teach us
to find our inner power and instinctual nature.                

"Wisdom" -  Mother Earth, Sun, & Moon
When we honor "nature" in all of its beauty
and complexity we honor ourselves as well.

"Inspiration" - Exploring possibilities
and how to stay connected to a bigger
purpose for our lives.
"Healing" - Healing is a journey, a deep
unfolding and remembering of who you truly
are. Healing is an experience of wholeness.

The following paintings are created by Joseph
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