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Welcome to our site
Exploring the Healing Power of Art and Creativity
by Joseph Woods and Kris Thoeni

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website.

Since we are meeting in this virtual reality, we would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves and the work we do. 

We met in the dream time before we met in everyday reality.  We both had an awareness of each other and of ‘work’ we would do together.  Yes, it may sound a bit outlandish, even to us, yet this was ~ and is ~ our experience. 

Without meaning to sound presumptuous, we feel we are here to help raise consciousness.  It is our intention to bring heart energy into our personal and professional life through all that we do ~ our artwork, our retreats and workshops, our intuitive coaching and healing sessions, and through our presence.  In order to do this, we too must continue to grow ourselves and do our own personal healing work while keeping our hearts and minds open.

Being of a creative nature, we are comfortable with other realms of consciousness. We are intrigued by and fascinated with the exploration of possibilities: How might imagination and the creative process affect our everyday reality?  How might we use visioning and dreaming to inspire, to awaken, to open hearts and minds, to bring healing, to create a better world for all? How might we use our higher mental processes of intuition to align with our soul’s calling? 

As you navigate our website, our intention is to share our heart energy with you.  With blessings, Joseph and Kris 
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